Hong Kong is Media Crazy

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 29, 2007

New survey tells us how we are.


Synovate surveyed 6000 Hong Kong people aged 16-54 and breaks down a whole lot of info about yours and mine habits. To no real shock one of the key points is that Hong Kong people love media of any kind:

• 75.8% read any newspaper
• 68.1% read paid dailies
• 28% read free dailies
• 50.9% read any magazine
• 98.4% have watched TV in the past week
• 63.3% have listened to the radio in the past week
• 56.8% have accessed the internet in the past week

It goes on to say more obvious stuff like women buy more luxury goods than men, more women then men like to shop and that 1/3 of the city owns a Playstation. Read the rest of the results here.


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