Heroes Coming to Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 20, 2007

On TV and in person in August.


If you watch Star TV (or download via BT) then you know one of the biggest hits on TV is the new series Heroes. TVB is bringing the show to free TV in August and rumour has it they are bringing 4 of the stars to Hong Kong to help promote it and one of them is Masi Oka – the former ILM-animator turned superhero actor; has become a breakthrough star for his amazing portrayal of Hiro, a Japanese wage slave who has the power to stop time.

The show is back for a second season this fall in the US and is much more interesting than Lost in our humble opinion, so if you are ready to commit to the soap opera-length storyline (try missing one, and catching up) and like movies like X-Men, this this is the show for you. More info on when the Heroes show up in Hong Kong as we hear it.


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