Halo 3 in Stores Today

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 25, 2007

Master Chief arrives in Hong Kong and thousands call in sick.


We hate to ask our readers if they have been living under a rock for the past month, but you must have at least been lost in Cheung Chau if you didn’t already know that the highly-anticipated HALO 3 is on XBOX 360 today. Lucky tomorrow is a holiday.

From this day till the end of the year, Microsoft’s XBOX 360 game line-up is at the top of its “game” – and will no doubt steal away tons of market share from Nintendo and Sony as the big Christmas slaughter has begun. If you colleagues don’t make it into work over the next week or so you’ll know where they are.

Authorities in the UK they expect this game to create more havoc than Harry Potter.

Here is one of the first reviews from TeamXbox:

The storyline itself is very good, although it definitely helps to know what happened in the first two games. That said, the game’s very accessible and spells out what’s going on just enough to make it entertaining for even casual fans. The writers did an excellent job weaving together the story elements into a cohesive whole, expertly blending action, adventure, horror, humor, and even romance to make this an engaging experience. The single-player campaign will likely give you just about everything you could want from the last chapter in a trilogy, though we have to admit its hard not to want more.

This game kicks off a slew of awesome games for the Xbox coming out, if you are contemplating to see which system to buy yourself/kid/nephew/boyfriend/ninja then, we think you are pretty safe on getting the 360 at Toys R Us right now for HK$3299 for the Halo 3 stylized model.

In other video game news, the Tokyo Game Show completed on Sunday and you won’t have far to go to see information on that show like here. But if you want a video snippet watch what our friends at AkihabaraNews have thrown together:


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