Gwyneth Making Movies for Tod’s

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 25, 2008

Tod’s jumps into online video with Paltrow & Dennis Hopper.


Tod’s is also casting its brand online with Iron Man‘s girlfriend Gwyenth Paltrow in a short film directed by no-less than Dennis Hopper entitled “Pashmy,” and of course that is the name of the bag that Tod’s is promoting.

The short sees Paltrow being interviewed by a handsome journalist played by Italian actor Daniele Savoca. During their interview, the paparazzi finds them and Paltrow flees, accidentally leaving behind her “Pashmy” bag while trying to escape. The journalist sets off to find her in an attempt to reunite Paltrow with her “Pashmy” and eventually tracks her down at a glamorous ball, just outside Rome. “Cinderella had her shoe,” says Hopper, “Gwyneth has her Tod’s bag.”

The film will be coming online soon, in September during Milan Fashion Week, but if you go to now you can watch a behind-the-scenes video on the making of the film with quick cuts and biting electric guitar score. Will it be just a long commercial or will it have a real narrative? With Hopper in charge, it should at least be something to pay attention to.


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