G.O.D. Arrested in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 31, 2007

Goods of Desire T-Shirts get the smackdown from the cops.


Originally Published on Butterboom.com: NOVEMBER 2, 2007

Yay! Our first super-sensational headline! G.O.D. the furniture and clothing retailer that makes Ikea look like, well, Ikea – has just been busted for selling Triad-themed T-shirts. This is the most awesome fashion news we’ve heard in a long time:

A bid to turn a Hong Kong-made and designed T-shirt into a fashion icon for local youths has run foul of the law with the arrest of 18 people from a local chain store yesterday.Police said the design on the T-shirts marketed by Goods of Desire – or G.O.D. as the store is popularly known – was linked to a triad society and that those who purchased them could also be arrested.

Possessing triad products is a violation of the law and people wearing a shirt with such logos will be arrested, Organized Crime Triad Bureau Acting Superintendent Cheng Fuk-chuen warned.

Police confiscated 88 T-shirts and more than 500 postcards printed with a “14K” logo, “? x K”- with the numbers written in Chinese characters – from the store’s five offices and warehouse located in Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Yuen Long. They arrested nine men and nine women, including salespersons and designers, aged between 21 and 51.

Of course now we all want one. Doesn’t get much more hip than wearing designer triad labels. Well, this will keep everyone talking for months to come. If you are looking for us this weekend, we’ll be in Mong Kok looking for the knock-offs. Watch out hip-hop, we got our own playahs now.


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