From Facebook to Pinterest, Find Butterboom On Your Favorite Social Media Platforms

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 8, 2012

New ways to enjoy Butterboom around the internet.

While this site is the main place to get the most up-to-date news about shopping, fashion, beauty and travel in Hong Kong – we do love social media at Butterboom and with Social Media Week 2012 just around the corner (and our Fashion Quiz Mixer at KEE CLub on Feb 17), we  wanted to spotlight some of the other places online that we post stuff that you can follow.


Most of our VIP’s are already “liking” us on Facebook where you can see our new stories show up in your feed. We also post links to other cool shopping information as well as even more photos that can you comment and like – so just in case you missed it check out the Butterboom Facebook page at


For event live-tweeting and a steady stream of shopping news from around the world you’ll want to be following us at @Butterboom – feel free to comment on stuff we tweet as well as dropping us tips and pix you see that we may have missed.


If you are an avid GMail user you probably have set up your Google+ account too, so at the Butterboom Google+ page you can also get a steady flow of news from the main site for you to comment and share with your friends too.


This is the new photo sharing site that we simply love so we’re now feeding steady stream of images, photos and lookbook ideas there for you to like and repin and create your own inspiration boards. Check us out on


All the videos featured in our stories can be seen on the Butterboom YouTube channel here. We’ll be doing even more videos this year so subscribe to our channel there.

Whew – that’s a lot of places to find Butterboom, but we want to be wherever you are and to show you more exciting stuff this year.


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