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By Butterboom Writers  /  September 12, 2007

Try out 4 new shows at, tough love for iTunes.


Yes there is a new Bionic Woman show coming out this Fall in the U.S. Will it have that ‘bionic’ sound everytime she does something bionic? Well you can find out for yourself for FREE. With NBC taking away their shows from Apple’s iTunes store they have got into bed with’s digital distribution arms called Unbox and if you head over there now you can get free pilot episodes for 4 of their new shows.

Bionic Woman – Girl gets in accident, gets bionic powers. Needs to deal with it.
– Nerd gets government secrets in head, needs hot secret agent girl to protect him.
– Newspaper reporter who can travel back and forth in time.
– Man goes to jail for crime he didn’t commit, gets out, tries to solve it again.

And if you are an Eastenders fan then YES the new Bionic Woman is Michelle Ryan with an American accent. But this time she is no tennis player. Will the original Jamie Sommers make a guest-starring appearance? Who knows, but the show was put together by the brilliant minds behind Battlestar Galactica so it should have some fun stuff in there.Still not sold on free stuff?

Here is the Bionic Woman trailer:

The Chuck trailer:

The Journeyman trailer:

and the Life trailer:


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