No Pain + No Gain = Fail?

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 28, 2009

Why exercising does not equate to weight loss.


A provoking statement to all of us who think exercising like a gym rat will help us lose weight. challenges the belief that exercising leads to weight loss. The article explains that when we exercise rigorously and push ourselves to the limit with a high impact cardio workout, we get hungry and have to compensate for our hard work by rewarding ourselves by eating more than usual after a workout.  In short, it’s what you eat not how hard you try to work it off that matters more in losing weight.  There is no doubt that exercise improves your overall health and fitness levels, but if you don’t watch what you eat or eat too much don’t expect to get thin either.

The story also brings up a good point that we have long since suspected – whether exercise the sweaty, exhausting, aerobic kind of exercise that gets your heart pumping and exhausts the body is better for you than the low impact kind like walking, yoga etc. The verdict it seems is that the latter is better for you and they are backing it up with loads of scientific research.  So, it’s official – you don’t need to push yourself to the extreme at the gym, tearing muscle tissue and then feeling wasted afterwards to enjoy the benefits of good health. Just keep active, move more, walk up stairs, go grocery shopping, live your life.

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photo source: Wellsphere


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