‘Enter the Phoenix’ Going Stateside

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 8, 2007

Gay-Gangster-Comedy movie optioned by the USA.


Stephen Fung’s Enter the Phoenix (大佬愛美麗) has just been acquired by the The Bourne Identity trilogy’s producer (those Matt Damon action movies) and will remake the film that starred Fung (馮德倫), Eason Chan (陳奕迅), Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) and Karen Mok (莫文蔚) (and a host of other celebs/Stephen’s buddies) in English.

Andrew Tennenbaum said in an e-mail to The Associated Press that his company, Flashpoint Entertainment, has bought the remake rights to “Enter The Phoenix” from Chan’s JCE Movies.

Tennenbaum and Solon So, a spokesman for Chan, both declined to say how much the deal is worth.

“I love Stephen’s movie for so many reasons, including the fact that it is a fresh new idea (flamboyantly gay man running a tough heterosexual mob gang), and has universal themes of humanity, tolerance and a great sense of humor,” Tennenbaum wrote.

It’s an “interesting” Hong Kong movie to remake after Infernal Affairs but at least Hollywood didn’t go straight for another guns-and-gangsters Hong Kong movie, sure its got gun and gangsters but it’s a comedy, with gay jokes. Let the casting speculation begin. We’d love to see Matt Damon as the Eason Chan character, and Ben Affleck as the Daniel Wu character. Read more here.


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