Die Hard 4.0 Opens Today

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 4, 2007

Bruce Willis is back, this time with Maggie Q.


Bruce Willis plays Detective John McClane for the 4th time in Live Free or Die Hard or as it will be known in Hong Kong: Die Hard 4.0 (we’re just such a techy place, aren’t we.) We weren’t even thinking of seeing this, but the reviews have been pretty positive and this one sums up our thoughts so we might reconsider our stance:

Live Free or Die Hard could have very easily been a complete piece of crap. I wasn’t inspired by the trailers, and I wasn’t really looking forward to see the film…and I’m a Die Hard fan….even Die Hard 2: Die Harder…so, I was extremely surprised, and extremely happy to see that this is a true sequel in tone and feeling to the Die Hard films. It is more of a sequel to Die Hard with a Vengeance, as far as plot and pacing are concerned, but it is a solid as all hell action flick the likes of which we haven’t seen in a decade.

This is how action movies are supposed to be.

It’s full of insane action, witty dialogue, a moderately compelling plot, and lots of bad guys getting their asses handed to them.

That guy sounds like us – so it sounds like it could be a winner. Is the sequel curse usually only reserved for the 3rd installment?

And of course Hong Kong’s Maggie Q is in it – hopefully doing a bit more than Tom Cruise let her do in Mission: Impossible 3 last year, but her agent is great, getting her into Grade-A blockbusters. You go Maggie! Here she is at a press conference in Singapore:


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