Depp Wins MTV Movie Award

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 5, 2007

Forget Oscar, the MTV award is where its at.


If you don’t like award shows because they are boring then you should watch the MTV Movie Awards. This years just happened Sunday night in Los Angeles. We’ll get it on the South East Asia version of MTV (that you can get via Channel 554 on NOW TV,) but to circumvent YouTube from getting all the traffic, MTV has already put up all the clips you would want to watch here.

Johnny Depp‘s Oscar might take a bit longer, but he has created yet another memorable character that will live alongside Darth Vader, Indiana Jones and The Terminator with his performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. You know this is an international iconic character when, besides buying numerous toys and souvenirs you can also buy a USD$2,000 statue of Jack Sparrow.


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