Death Note Spin-Off Greenlit

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 16, 2007

How are they going to pull this off?


It’s safe to say that Death Note has become an Asian cultural phenomenon for teens and adults. A manga (buy it here in English) that has spawned 2 live-action movies and an animated series and has taken the world by storm as more than just a “comic book” but as a vicious yet intelligent story about ultimate power and how it corrupts absolutely. Now a new spinoff movie is being created by Japanese director Hideo Nakata who has been making the American remakes of the Japanese movies like The Ring.

Nakata said he wanted to make more movies in Japan and that he was taken with the perf of Kenichi Matsuyama in the “Death Note” pics and wanted to work with the actor.

Matsuyama plays the sweets-loving “genius” detective who matches wits and wills with a power-besotted college student able to kill anyone he pleases simply by writing the person’s name in a mysterious notebook.

“L” will focus on the detective’s story before the events of the two “Death Note” pics, which grossed a total of Â¥8 billion (US$67 million) in Japan last year.

The movie is targeted to come out in Q1 of 2008 in Japan. You can also pre-order your Medicom-produced Light and L 12″ dolls here now.


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