Colin McDowell on the Business of Fashion

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 5, 2011

Colin McDowell at the Business of Design Week.

Colin McDowell shares his thoughts on the business of fashion at the Business of Design Week held last week in Hong Kong. Colin McDowell is Creative Director of Fashion Fringe @ Covent Garden and have been a fashion journalist/commentator ’s for the Sunday Times in London and author of numerous fashion books including major biographies on Ralph Lauren, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Manolo Blahnik and John Galliano.

In 2004, McDowell founded Fashion Fringe, an initiative to find, fund and mentor young British designers in order to address the issue of the lack of funding and the brain drain to more prosperous fashion capitals.

Colin gave a very interesting perspective on the business of fashion and reminds those in the business and budding designers that the business of fashion is a billion dollar business with some of the major powerhouse of fashion revenue the size of the GDP of small nations.

On fashion, he has so eloquently pointed out that ‘fashion is about the gesture of desire’ and the ability of designers to inspire that gesture that leads to purchase of the outfit/garment is the power of fashion.  The designer who succeed is the designer who can anticipate what we want before we know it and he praises Miuccia Prada for being such a designer, one that other designer watches.

Colin also touches on how Italian designers have managed to put Milan on the map as one of the 4 fashion capitals of the world: Paris, London, New York and Milan by their excellent workmanship and quality control that boast the credibility of italian designers and made “made in Italy’ a strong statement in the fashion world.



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