Audrey Tautou’s “Coco Avant Chanel” Opens in Hong Kong on June 11

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 11, 2009

One of world’s most famous fashion icon hits the Silver Screen.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, one of the world’s most controversial and famous fashion icon has a biographical movie based on her life which will open in the States sometime at the end of the year.  Called Coco Avant Chanel, this movie has already opened in France.  Audrey Tautou is the lead playing Gabrielle Coco Chanel. “Coco Avant Chanel” will chronicle the French designer’s humble early years as she revolutionized the fashion world in her day and age.

This rendition of her life is based on the novel “Chanel and Her World” by Edmonde Charles-Roux and will stick to the story of her childhood, the beginning’s of Chanel, and end with scenes of her very first runway show.  The movie’s costume designer, Catherine Leterrier teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld to show audiences how truly unique Coco’s style was in comparison to other ladies of her time.

We expect Hong Kong’s fashionistas will be rushing off to see this movie when it comes out on June 11th in Hong Kong.


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