China Sings “Promiscuous Girl”

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 22, 2007

Beijing Teens Getting Down Much Earlier Than You Think


A new report in Beijing finds that high school kids are having sex alot sooner and mor often than parents think.

I don’t know how to read into these findings at all – there is no Paris Hilton and Britney Spears type dress in Beijing high schools, their movies and TV are pretty restrained so it’s very weird when you read quotes like this from the report:

Of the 1,300 girls asked if they would agree if their boyfriends sought sex, only six gave a definite “no”.

The typical answer: “As long as he loves me, it’s OK.”


If you have been to Beijing or Shanghai even, you might also see that this is not a big deal but it very interesting to read the report that states that the average age of losing your virginity is 15 and this was a survey asked of 2,300 boys and girls.

Ok so the image above has nothing to do with this story – but it is from a Chinese ad campaign and it does bring sexy back, don’t you think?


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