Cheaper Booze to Flow in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 27, 2007

Duties are lowered so head out for a drink this weekend.



Not only are we getting tax rebates this year, but the beer and wine duty has been cut – that means imported booze into Hong Kong gets taxed less and then those savings are passed onto the consumers.

While you shouldn’t expect half-price drinks all over town some Lan Kwai Fong bars have already cut the price on beer by 7% and wine by up to 15% so if you are still cashflow positive after the holidays, in your stock investments and from all the Lai See you have received its time to hit a Watson’s Wine Cellar or just hit your favorite bar for some tasty bevvy’s this weekend!

The cut in wine and beer duties could lower the price of a bottle of wine in Hong Kong by about 29 percent if passed on to consumers, according to Bloomberg calculations. Tang, a known red-wine collector, told reporters he wasn’t thinking of himself, pointing out the city has the highest alcohol tax in the region.

We wish you speedy recovery from your hangovers on Monday!


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