Cartier Must-C Collection

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By Butterboom Writers  /  December 6, 2016

Burgundy has always been a huge part of Cartier’s history. The new styles pay homage to the iconic Must accessories line that was released in 1970 where burgundy was the official colour of all leather goods with bags stamped with the famous double C logo.

This time, the new collection features three cult bags in the same style but in an updated version – the saddle bag, the bucket bag and the tote bag. The same luxurious treatment is given to this new collection where a matte smooth leather used for a classic yet stylish take. Saddle topstitching gives it an impeccable appearance and showcases the expertise of Cartier’s leather goods craftspeople. These popular bags also come in a grey quartz colour if burgundy is not your hue of choice.

Our favourite? Definitely the Must-C bucket bag that is timeless yet stylish, even today!

Prices range from HK$11,200 to HK$16,500.

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