Carrie Chooses Mikimoto

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 2, 2008

Yes, we’re still talking about the Sex and the City movie.


We love to try and spot the fashion items in any movie we see, but this is taken to a whole new level when you see a movie like Sex and the City, where every shot has something to check out.

Carrie Bradshaw chose a Mikimoto opera-length cultured pearl necklace to replace her signature nameplate necklace in the movie. The 8.0-8.5mm Akoya cultured pearl necklace, 32-inches long, with Mikimoto’s signature clasp in 18K gold retails for US$11,900. The beautiful strand is featured throughout the film as Carrie’s “no outfit is complete without it” accessory.


Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, wears the strand while announcing her engagement to Chris Noth a.k.a “Mr. Big,” while shopping in New York City, and even as she climbs into bed for an intimate moment with her fiancée. The strand is prominently shown in the scene where, while seated at her computer pondering feelings about love, she twirls the strand around her fingertips as if it held the answers to her endless questions.

Since the film’s release, news outlets have called Carrie’s Mikimoto necklace the signature accessory in the film and a major fashion trend and if you aren’t privvy to this, it’s the new way advertising is being done. But that means there needs to be a SATC sequel soon to showcase next season’s hottest fashion statements!



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