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By Butterboom Writers  /  May 25, 2007

A rundown on tech news across the web today.


A bunch of tech news to talk about so we put them all in this easy to read digest.

Gmail Allows 20MB Attachments: This is a big step forward for free emails. With this kind of capacity you can send video and almost full albums of MP3’s the only trick is the recipient most likely can’t receive this kind of file unless they are also using Gmail. Hmmm, tricky marketing. Get a free Gmail account here if you don’t have one yet, but if you’ve been a Hotmail or Yahoo Mail user for a long time it will take some getting used to, but its worth it.

WiFi is NOT Harmful to Your Health: Lots of questions about the use of WiFi with all those electromagnetic beams shooting around and soon more places in Hong Kong will have it, (mixed with all the phone signals) but according to this report from the BBC the biggest tech health risk is putting a hot laptop on your actual lap for too long.

Top Tech Products of the Year: While I think we are still only in May, PC World magazine has listed out their Top 20 products of the Year and there are some obvious choices (the Wii and Blackberry) to the controversial (Pandora.com). What comes in at #1? Google Apps of course. With the upcoming Powerpoint-type application if you are still working on Microsoft on your PC hard-drive get ready to have your mind blown and the desk shackles removed forever. Buy stock in Hong Kong coffee shops and bars that have WiFi as that is where everyone will call their “office” by year’s end.

Wii to Sell 35 Million Units by 2012: The Nintendo Wii is doing outrageously well as we predicted, proving the obvious point that there are a lot more casual gamers out there than the hardcore type, Nintendo has estimated that they can move sales of 2.5 million Wii’s in the US since it came out in November 2006 to 35 million in the next 6 years. They are already in China meeting with factories to turn up the output. And these new games probably have something to do with their new estimations.

Intel’s Skinnest Laptop at 0.7″ Thick:
Good Lord! With all the thin mobile phones out there it was only a matter of time when the laptop got to be as skinny as the RAZR phone. Check out the photos at that link and get ready to pony up big bucks for this one.


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