Butterboom’s Best Dressed of the Week – 26 Oct 2011

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 26, 2011

Celebrity stylist Celia Wong takes a look at who wore what last week.

Check out  who wore what last week!  There were lots of opportunities to dress up last week for local celebrities with the opening of Harvey Nichols’ 2nd store in Hong Kong, everyone and anyone’s who’s somebody showed up at the opening. This is going to sound a little unfair with our best dressed going out to a model, but what the hell, our best dressed chick last week was Anna R in a sexy Hervé Léger bandage dress.

Celebrity: Anna R
Event: Harvey Nichols Opening
What she wore: Hervé Léger
Celia’s comments: She’s the best dressed of the week. The trendy “elastic band” dress completely shows off her impeccable figure. This kind of fabric can be merciless however Anna has a great figure and the dress works in her favour, showing off her curves. The golden pattern also adds an interesting detail to the dress.


Celebrity: Jacqueline Chong
Event: Harvey Nichols Opening
What she wore: Tuesday Night Band Practice jacket, Twinkle by Wenlan dress
Celia’s comments: It’s not just another long evening gown. Jacqueline knows how to add spice to it by throwing a leather jacket on top. Her purple hair also adds some rock-star quality. The look is cool and stylish.

Celebrity: Janet Ma
Event: Harvey Nichols Opening
What she wore: ALC dress
Celia’s comments: It’s a simple long dress, but Janet wears it well. The dress shows off her long leg with a slit. It’s stylish and elegant.  The nude bootie is hip and very now, adds length to her legs and gives the otherwise very elegant outfit a bit of edginess.

Celebrity: Rosemary
Event: PR event
What she wore: dress – unknown
Celia’s comments: The lining for translucent fabric is very important, it can make or break the look. Unfortunately, the white lining on Rosemary’s dress doesn’t work, instead of looking sexy, the sheer black fabric against white just looks frumpy.

Celebrity: Baila Chan
Event: Clinique tea event
What she wore: Dolce & Gabbana jeans and shirt, Chanel boots
Celia’s comments: Baby pink fitted shirt, tight jeans and over-knee black boots, Baila brings us a totally Dolce & Gabbana feel. Her slim figure carries the look very well. It’s handsome and sweet at the same time.

What Celia wore this week.

Event: Harvey Nichols Opening
What she wore: Tuesday Night Band Practice jacket, Tibi dress, Venna neckace, Vita Fede bracelet, Mulberry bag

Celia is Hong Kong’s hip fashion consultant and founder of DADA shop. She is an image consultant with HK celebrities and stars like Kelly Chen, Eric Suen, Kay and Elaine Kong.


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