Bruce Lee: Finishing the Game

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 2, 2007

New movie looks into completing the last Bruce Lee movie.


Justin Lin the director of that 3rd Fast and Furious movie is releasing his new film this weekend called Finishing the Game. As the story goes, before going to make Enter the Dragon in the U.S., he was filming a movie here that showcased his Jeet Kune Do fighting method, Bruce Lee had shot 90-minutes of footage for the movie, but only 11 minutes and 7 seconds of footage actually made it into the final release for the movie Game of Death (死亡遊戲) that was made AFTER his death. You can read the whole recounting of how Game of Death was made here.

But this new U.S. movie pokes fun at finding a Bruce Lee replacement for the remake and we really can’t/won’t explain anymore of it, so watch the trailer below and pray it comes to the cinemas here instead of just DVD:

More information at the official movie site with tons more videos, and the official site has the great URL of

And “yes” that is Dustin Nguyen the Asian guy from 21 Jump Street in it!


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