Big Apple Event Next Wednesday

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 31, 2007

Remember, remember the 5th of September…


Apple fans get ready, our world will evolve again on Wednesday, September 5th with rumours of the next-generation iPod:

“The beat goes on” on September 5 in San Francisco, where Apple will hold a “special event” presumably to introduce new iPods.

As usual, Apple avoided directly stating what’s on tap, but the use of the Cover Flow album artwork and Apple’s latest iPod ads rather heavily suggests that we’re in store for an iPod/iTunes-related event. Ars Technica reported last week that Apple was planning an event for the 5th, and several reports have surfaced in recent weeks implying that Apple’s about to refresh its iPod lineup.

We’ve read rumors for wireless iPods, the touch screen iPod; like the iPhone but without the phone and all kinds of other crazy goodies but we’ll wait till next week to cover the reality of it. Until them watch this fan-made video of what the new iPod might look like:

And speaking of iPhone, you know its the best phone design ever when the #1 mobile phone company in the world, blatantly copies your design and even admits it!



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