Beowulf Opens Thursday

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 14, 2007

That is not, we repeat NOT Angelina Jolie.


You’ve seen the ads around Hong Kong this past week and are probably pretty sold on the non-fact that Angelina Jolie has a new movie out. We’re here to point out that Beowulf which opens tomorrow in IMAX in Hong Kong is a computer animated film, like Toy Story only its doing it in a super-realistic style like The Polar Express or Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

That said the image above and the trailer below do baffle the mind, is it a kids movie or an adult film. We see a near-nude Jolie who was motion captured and supplies the voice to this 21st century retelling of the classic Beowulf legend.

If you missed Harry Potter or 300 at the IMAX at Megabox, here is the perfect time to check it out. Good luck getting a seat this week. Maybe in December.


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