Batman Comes to Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 21, 2007

‘The Dark Knight’ to film in Central in November.


Batman Begins was one of our favorite movies and we just wanted to let all our readers living and working in Central that the sequel movie called The Dark Knight is coming to film here in November. While we assumed that it would be shots of Bruce Wayne doing business in the IFC, it seems the Apple Daily is reporting that they will have actual action sequences planned and alot of cool stuff.

The link is in Chinese so in brief they are reporting:

The film crew will be here in November and filming in Central and Western District.

They are going to close entire roads in Mid-Levels to do this shooting, but of course to keep the filming low-key the movie district council hasn’t made which roads those will be public.

Besides Hong Kong, the movie is being shot in London and Chicago.

A local production company has been hired to co-ordinate the shooting and will employ around 200 people and at least 80 coming in from the US.

Christian Bale and Michael Caine will be here!!! We also heard Morgan Freeman will be here too. No mention of Heath Ledger (The Joker) though.

One of the background shots will be the Symphony of Lights fireworks display, with helicopter shots over the harbour.

So it all sounds pretty exciting and we’ll definitely be filling you all in on how the production, which does sound pretty big in scale, filters into our lives. Of course its nothing new since Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life shot here a few years ago with Angelina Jolie skydiving off the in-building-mode IFC, and Chris Tucker was squabbling with market people in Sheung Wan during the Rush Hour 2 filming.

The Dark Knight comes to Hong Kong on the bigscreen on July 18, 2008 and the teaser trailer, and we stress the word “teaser” is below:

Also of interest is this local Chicago news report on the movie filming there:

And lastly, this is the new Bat-Pod motorcycle from the movie, so if you are sitting in Lan Kwai Fong having a drink and you see this thing roll by, don’t freak out too much:


UPDATE: The Standard has more on this today. Click here to read.


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