Auction Season Kicks Off in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 3, 2016

The autumn auction season has kicked off in Hong Kong. With zero tax on art, collectibles and fine wine, Hong Kong is the Asian hub for all the major auctions. Depending on what you are collecting, the whole first week of October is chock-a-block full of activities.

If you’ve already ruled out buying anything, what if we told you that you could start collecting with a budget of HK$15,000? Yep – it is entirely possible. Here are the top places to go to start your collection (and take notes for next season). 

Poly Auction
1 to 4 October, Grand Hyatt 
One of the biggest Chinese auction house Poly Auction will be showcasing different auctions that will cater to everybody. Among the interesting ones are the Chinese and Asian Modern and Contemporary Art, Important Jewels, Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, Important Watches and Noble Handbags and Accessories. To check details for all auctions, head to their website here.


Sotheby’s Auctions:
Sotheby’s Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art
30 September to 2 October, 10am onwards
Happening online at Register to bid
The auction brings together notable modern artists from the Southeast Asian region such as Vicente Manansala, Lee Man Fong, Srihadi Sudarsono, Walasse Ting and many more, showcasing their masterpieces.



Sotheby’s Modern Asian Art
30 September to 3 October, 10am onwards
Happening online at Register to bid
The Modern Asian Art auction explores a curated sale features artists like Sanyu Zao Wou-Ki, Chao Chung-Hsiang and more. It will be a three-part sale, so patience is rewarded.


Sotheby’s Contemporary Ink Art: Journey
30 September to 3 October, 10am onwards
Happening online at Register to bid
Featuring contemporary ink art that is rooted in the rich Chinese painting tradition, this auction – which is themed Journey – will feature works done over the decades by Gu Wenda, Huang Zhiyang, Koon Wai Bong, Xu Lele, Peng Wei and more. Expect a collection of artistic expressions that are well sought after in the auction scene.


Sotheby’s Important Watches
30 September to 4 October, 10am onwards
Happening online at Register to bid
Important timepieces by makers such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet will be showcased in this upcoming auction dedicated to watches. Highlights include an innovative Richard Mille RM025, a titanium tourbillon chronograph diver’s wristwatch that is super precise technically. There will also be a selection of pieces from an acclaimed private collection.


Christie’s The Pavilion Sale: Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
4 October 2016, 2pm
22nd Floor, Alexandra House, 19 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong
Featuring the Dexinshuwu Collection rare Tang-dynasty sancai pieces and quality Song-Ming dynasty ceramics from a Taiwanese collection. Also on sale are 50 pieces of bronze, cloisonné enamel, lacquer, Qing-dynasty porcelain, jade and stone carvings, wood furniture and paintings from a private German family collection. 



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