Are You Hong Kong’s Fast & Furious?

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 18, 2007

State of the Art racing simulator challenge at Pacific Place this October.


Think you’re pretty hot at Grand Turismo? Tear it up in your car on the weekend in New Territories? Live your life a quarter mile at a time like Vin Diesel in The Fast and The Furious? Well now is your chance to prove it!

The Royal Bank of Scotland, will launch its global RBS Grand Prix Challenge, at Pacific Place to search for the fastest aspiring Formula 1 driver in the world, in Hong Kong from October 3-8 2007 from 11am-7pm.

RBS wants YOU – Joe Public – to compete to set the fastest lap time in a state-of-the-art F1 simulator based around a full-size F1 show car. The three fastest drivers will return for a racing show-down to find a winner at the Grand Final on October 7.

The Hong Kong champion will fly to Spain to represent Hong Kong to compete in a real car, on a real race track, under the guidance and tuition of racing experts and AT&T Williams drivers in November.

This is out of control – as you can see by the photos you sit inside a real Formula 1 car with monitors simulating your race and if you can track the best time you are going to Spain to compete for real. Have you seen that movie The Last Starfighter? This is like the real life version of the movie, well without a starfighter and y’know aliens, but its definitely a reason to hit Pacific Place and see if you can beat our time! We’ll be the ones with shaved heads and full leather on.

See more at the RBS Grand Prix Challenge site.



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