Apple Launches New iPod’s

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 6, 2007

Mixing the iPod and iPhone into the new iTouch.


OK folks these are real! All the speculating is over and Apple has announced their new iPod line up and its amazing, exactly what we predicted and wanted – so no surprises but sometimes that’s a good thing.

You might as well go to Apple’s website here to see all the videos showcasing the iPod Touch and the new iPod nano and classic. It’s also fun to watch Steve Jobs introduce these new products to an ecstatic crowd in San Francisco. What’s special to Hong Kong users is the new Wi-Fi capabilities inside the new iPod’s. With our Wi-Fi coverage going supernova people will no doubt be ditching their Blackberry’s for these sexy online devices. Keynote: not available until September 28.

But a bit of a stab to those that decided to be early adopters for the iPhone. That US$599 price has now been dropped to $399 in only a few months.

But the real question Hong Kong wants answered: is the 16GB 3G iPhone just around the corner???

And oh yes, we’ll be posting more iPod news all week.


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