Vogue’s Anna Wintour in Beijing

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 30, 2010

The Queen of Cool meets fashion insiders.

Ms. Anna Wintour – only the most powerful fashion editor in the world – was in China recently to visit Shanghai and Beijing for a fact-finding visit to what is considered the most important market in the world.

At a seminar organized by Editorial Director of Vogue China, Angelica Cheung, for fashion students at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Ms Wintour said; “China is becoming an increasingly important market. Everywhere you go there is this great drumroll that started five years ago of ‘what do you think about China?’ We decided it was time to make our own visit and to form our own opinions. In a way, American brands are a bit behind coming to China compared to the European brands, and I wanted to encourage them all to visit and open stores here.”

Ms. Wintour’s has been known to launch many a designer’s career through the CFDA/Vogue Fund including Alexander Wang, Thakoon and Derek Lam. We can’t wait to see which Chinese designer Anna will pick next to conquer the fashion world. Watch this space…

As a side note, when a student asked about the film, The Devil Wears Prada, Ms Wintour (who was coincidentally wearing Prada at the time!) joked that she “found the movie highly entertaining and it’s true, of course, that I beat all my assistants, lock them in a cupboard and don’t pay them!”


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