5 Ways to Extend Your iPhone 6’s Battery Life

By Lau  /  February 25, 2016
We confess, our iPhones are practically surgically attached to our hips. What was life even like before them? How did we manage to schedule all our business meetings and dinner dates? How did we navitage our way around town? How did we answer those burning trivial questions that come up in casual conversation?
Despite everything the iPhone 6 can do, there is one thing Apple have not yet been able to deliver: extended battery life. Most of us can’t even make it through the day without charging our phone at least once a day. Here are some handy hacks to make your iPhone 6 last longer during the day. You can thank us later. 
1. Activate Low Power Mode
If you have iOS 9 installed on your iPhone, then there’s a new feature that works like magic to conserve battery life. The Low Power Mode temporarily turns off a number of functions like Siri, background app refresh and automatic downloads to reduce processor speed to extend battery life. 
Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode
2. Reduce the volume
If you listen to music on your phone, turn down the volume a couple of notches to reduce the impact of audio on battery life. The louder the music, the more power is used. If you go into Music, you can even set a volume limit to save power. 
Settings > Battery > Volume Limit
3. Turn off Background App Refresh
You don’t need all the apps on your phones updating themselves constantly, so disable the apps you don’t use regularly. The apps still work as normal, but they won’t keep running when you’re not using them. 
Settings > General > Background App Refresh
4. Turn down the light
Well, not completely. Reducing the screen brightness also saves a few percentages of battery life – you can also set this to automatic so you don’t have to think about it. 
Settings > Display & Brightness
5. Switch on Airplane Mode
So, you’re heading to after-work drinks and your battery is already lower than 15% and there’s no time to recharge. Flick on Airplane Mode whenever you’re not using your phone and conserve your battery life. Got time to charge? Switching your phone to Airplane Mode while you’re charging also means the battery will charge faster. Win-win!
Settings > Airplane Mode
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