300 Opens in Hong Kong Today!

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 15, 2007

Witness the power and fury in a theatre near you.


After raking up US$71 million on its opening weekend, only coming in 3rd behind The Matrix and The Passion of the Christ for biggest R-rated movie ever, the 300 Spartans wage war across Hong Kong screens today. See it for the abs, see it for the blood but don’t miss it.

To commemorate this day, we’ve created 8 widescreen wallpaper images to protect your computer from the Persians. If you like them let us know we have another 2 dozen waiting.

300FC-00008-t.jpg FCJG300-0029-t.jpgFCJG300-0051-t.jpg FCJG300-0024-t.jpgFCJG300-0060-t.jpg FCJG300-0056-t.jpgFCJG300-0089-t.jpg FCJG300-0091-t.jpg

Download the eight 300 wallpapers here.

Click here to book your tickets now.


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