Get Your Customised Repetto Ballerina Flats

L'atelier Repetto-02-Butterboom
By Butterboom Writers  /  October 28, 2014

Known for its classic ballerina flats, Repetto extends its L’atelier Repetto Customisation Service in Hong Kong to include popular designs like Camille, Michael, Tito and Zizi for both men and women. You get to play shoe designer and create your own Repetto style from 252 shades of soft lambskin, over 120 trimming colours, over 100 classic bows, and 15 sizes and heels in black, brown or wood tone. Not to mention too the different shoe accessories and embellishment that you can add on for a true-you style. A little “r” will be placed on the outer face of the right heel of your new shoe as a symbol of it being a creation of L’atelier Repetto.

All shoes are handcrafted in Repetto’s factory in southern France. Production and delivery will take around seven weeks. Prices range depending on design and material.

L'atelier Repetto-01-Butterboom L'atelier Repetto-03-Butterboom


Available at Repetto stores –

  • Shop 133, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Tel: 2521 2068
  • Shop 405, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2506 1093

Photo credits: Repetto


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