Brace Yourself: The Fred Force 10 Link Bracelet

fred force 10_01_butterboom
By Butterboom Writers  /  May 6, 2016

The Fred Force 10 Link Bracelet is a classic piece of wrist-candy. Popular with both women and men, this bracelet comes in yellow, white or pink gold – classic combinations that can be worn alone or layered up. 

What we love most is the versatile: you can change the buckles, mix and match the various coloured golds and even add a jewelled version. We are definitely in love with this new style from the French jewellery brand.

fred force 10_02_butterboom

Rose Gold Full Paved Force 10 Link Bracelet, HK$82,600

fred force 10_03_butterboom

Rose Gold Force 10 Link Bracelet, HK$40,600

fred force 10_04_butterboom

Yellow Gold Force 10 Link Bracelet, HK$40,600


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