Ffixxed Studios Wins Yoox Y.E.S 2015 Award

By Lau  /  November 26, 2015

Ffixxed Studios is a Hong Kong based label that have recently won the Yoox Y.E.S 2015 award, a sustainable eco-fashion design competition that inspires young talents to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste.

In this year’s competition, emerging designers from countries across Asia submitted their design entries to a panel of judges including Luca Martines (President of Yoox), Susie Bubble (Style Blogger) and Grace Lam (Stylist).

Founded by Kain Picken and Fiona Lau in 2010 in Berlin, Ffixxed Studios is based in Hong Kong where they can easily managed their production out of Wutong Village, near the Wutong mountain in Shenzhen. For the Y.E.S 2015 award, Ffixxed Studios designed a wearable collection that’s fun, stylish with a edgy twist. Fabrics were made from a digital image of a Lavena plant, using a machine, the fabric turns into a  tapestry like material and the image of the plant becomes slightly abstracted. The brand takes inspiration from modern life, with a range of wearable clothes like wool-silk trousers, tailored shirts that are easy to wear. We love the relaxed shapes and cool cuts in this collection.



How much?
Prices start from HLKD$1,500




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