Shanghai Tang Wants to be Big in China

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 29, 2007

Now there’s an ironic statement, even coming from the fashion world.


David Tang, the founder on neon-China chic brand Shanghai Tang is mad that Chinese Mainlanders don’t dress more like Chinese people:

For years, Tang has tried to promote a kind of fashionable nationalism. His vehicle was Chinese fashion and lifestyle brand Shanghai Tang _ dubbed the first global luxury brand to have come out of China. The brand now has 24 stores worldwide, including three in Europe and one on New York’s Madison Avenue and another in Honolulu.

The Hong Kong-based label may be gaining international recognition, but Tang says its ultimate ambition is to drive the message home _ in his own words, to “saturate the Chinese population with Chinese clothes.”

“I think it’s rather despondent that China with all its might and cleverness should not have its own sartorial elegance that it deserves,” he said.

In a way it’s true, we Chinese do everything Chinese – eat Chinese food, observe Chinese customs – but we don’t wear Chinese-style clothes. I would love to see every girl in a hot pink cheongsam and every guy in a flashy-green kung-fu suit walking the streets. Read more about David Tang and his Cyndi Lauper-inspired mania here.


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