Preview: Burberry Prosum S/S 2013 Collection

By   /  February 5, 2013

Burberry mixes edginess and sex appeal with corsets and capes.


Visala previewed Burberry Prosum’s 2013 Spring/Summer collection for Butterboom.  Burberry Prosum’s spring collection is filled with edgy sexy pieces – corsets, lace, capes and metallics! I could see that from Lanvin, Balenciaga or Dolce & Gabbana, but from Burberry, what’s going on?  Nonetheless from what I have seen so far, we are set for a very exciting and colouful spring!

Burberry is known for drawing inspirations from its British heritage. This spring it draws inspiration from the royal court in the 17th to 19th century so we are seeing corsets, boned cocktail dresses, corset seamed body suits, bralette tops and skirts. What really surprises me is the choice of fabric Christopher selected – shinny double cotton sateen, metallic silk and satin.


Colour blocking contines to be a major trend, so it is not surprising to see that Burberry have fashioned their trench coats in blocks of green, lime, orange, red, pink, purple and blue.


Burberry’s awesome tailoring can be seen in their nicely cropped coats and jackets,  corset seamed, structured with a pair of voluminous sleeves, with laced, metallic lining under leather surfaces. The most striking trench coat even has peacock feathers stitched into floral patterns, I sense a sense of adventure and optimism in the air. I especially love the cropped plastic capes with metallic and exotic skin seam-lining makes this a fun and playful collection.

The use of metallic coated leather, coloured clear plastics and satin in Burberry’s wearables extends to shoes and handbags.



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