Oscar de la Renta Streams Resort 2011 Runway Show Live

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 8, 2010

Fashion house showing next year’s 2011 line now live on Facebook.

In a bid to embrace social media, fashion houses are streaming their fashion shows live to the social media public. The latest to do so is Oscar de la Renta. Just a couple of hours ago at 1pm EST, the Resort 2011 collection was streamed live on Facebook, check it out here. We know that there’s no stopping social media in terms of sharing information but isn’t this a bit insane?

Previously, in the not too distance past, before Facebook become the most popular site in the world and social media have not turned the way news was distributed upside down, fashion shows were held for buyers to place orders and plan their purchases 6 months ahead, allowing designers to go into production and deliver in time for the season it was to be sold. Today, shows are shown 1 year ahead to the consumer  before it hits the store and they can actually be worn.   It’s great for those who love fashion to get access so early but I wonder if it actually makes sense? By the time it hits the store, will you still be excited with the new collection? Are you planning your wardrobe 1 year ahead of time?

In comparison, when you look at the tech companies, Apple for instant just announced the release of their  iPhone 4 which will hit store end of June 2010 in the States and end of July 2010 in Hong Kong, the wait time is reasonable, 1 month is not too long to wait, (maybe for some it is). But 1 year?

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