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By Butterboom Writers  /  February 7, 2013

Jennifer Cheng checks out new lingerie store in Hysan Place. Jennifer Cheng, founder and CEO of GlamGirl loves shopping. She tells us about her lingerie shopping experience at Regina Miracle.

When it comes to lingerie shopping, a girl like me usually doesn’t think about it unless Valentine’s Day is around the corner, or I have the get specialty undergarments for an event. However when I was contacted to preview the new season and the latest products by Regina Miracle, a lingerie brand as well as manufacturer for other well-known brands, I decided to go along and check it out.

I was actually pretty skeptical first, because I usually buy Victoria’s Secrets’ bras and mix it up with basics from brands I came across in Hong Kong like Embryform and Bodibra, and the occasional fancy splurge at La Perla or Agent Provocateur.

I showed up at the Regina Miracle store in Hysan Place, which had a reasonable amount of variety and style,  Carmen Yeung, the Brand Manager for Regina Miracle talked me through what they have in store. I was still a bit cautious though, as shopping for lingerie has always made me a bit nervous about my cup size.

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As I tried on item after item in the dressing room,  I discovered there was a lot to like, my favorites were the add-2-cup-sizes bra which is similar to the Victoria’s Secret version, but with an extremely comfortable lining that felt like a second skin, like I wasn’t wearing anything. (I was later informed that they actually call it Second Skin!).

My 2nd favorite was the Shapeaholic. I loved both the name and the fact that this high-waisted support panty gave me a completely smooth stomach and better posture. I’m naturally quite thin, so if I ever gain weight it shows up as a small belly, compounded by the fact that I’m prone to slouching. (Bad habit, but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to do more Yoga!)

Full disclosure: Regina Miracle generously sponsored all of my selections, but I liked them a lot so will very likely be purchasing more myself.

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Jennifer Cheng is Founder and CEO of GlamGirl, an online boutique that sells GlamGirl brand fashion and beauty products


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