Jil Sander’s Last +J Uniqlo Collection

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 2, 2011

German designer’s +J line comes to an end this fall.

It’s bad news for fashionistas on a budget – the next +J collection (pictured) will be Jil Sander’s last for Japanese clothes behemoth Uniqlo.

The first +J range in 2009 sparked excitement among the fashion world, from which the minimalist designer had been absent since her 2004 departure from her own eponymous brand. Sander, famous for understated elegance and impeccable tailoring, brought a touch of class to the mass-retailer and her affordable range of well-cut coats and jackets, chic work-wear and classic basics was an instant success, sparking queues all over the world.

Originally brought in to oversee Uniqlo’s entire range of men and womenswear, The Cut reports that the German designer ended up focusing purely on +J and now, in a statement announcing the end of the partnership, both parties have decided that they have “fully explored the possibilities of their creative collaboration.”

Whilst +J fans ready themselves for the forthcoming Fall/Winter Collection and the last blast of Sander-designed items available for the foreseeable future, Uniqlo has softened the blow by announcing a new designer collaboration, this time with hipster favourite, Undercover’s Jun Takahashi, in spring 2012.


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