Gucci Gets Into Olympic Spirit

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 2, 2008

New 8-8-2008 limited edition sporty luxury.


A new sports-driven collection from Gucci will be launched this month that will celebrate the athletes in this year’s Olympics (oh, yes, expect many of those from now on!)

There are 8 items in total for this collection, the standout one being the I-Gucci watch as it’s Gucci’s first ever digital timepiece.

The other pieces which are all EXCLUSIVE to Hong Kong and China Gucci stores only, are the bicycle, Mah Jong set, a soft leather panda. the 2 pieces of luggage shown above, sports shoes for men and women and a necklace inspired by military tags in silver to remind you that you need to look stylish on the battlefield of luxury??!

As we all know the “8” is lucky so Gucci is smart to jump on the China bandwagon first and launch these items, which no doubt others will try to replicate.

Check out the selected Gucci shops in Hong Kong, specifically the Times Square, Elements, Landmark and Pacific Place outlets (and 10 stores in China) starting January 28th to find these exclusive items and we’ll see you on in August ;-)







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