G.O.D. is Free to Go

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 21, 2008

Hong Kong T-shirts not against the law.


Back in November, we posted about G.O.D. getting busted by the cops because of their apparently pro-Triad T-shirts selling in Hong Kong. 9 people were arrested and the value of those 14K T-shirts went up and creating more hype for triads being ‘cool.’ Well, now all charges have been dropped and G.O.D. is free to go:

Police have decided not to take legal action against a trendy store which carried T-shirts bearing logos linked to a triad society.

The founder of Goods Of Desire, Douglas Young Chi-chiu, said he was told by police he and 17 of his design and sales staff would not be prosecuted for marketing T-shirts and postcards printed with a “14K” logo – with the numbers written in Chinese characters.

Everyone says how the police overreacted, but you never know just how serious the triads are in Hong Kong and more importantly how unfashionable the Hong Kong Police Deparment is!


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