‘Edison Shot Me Too’ T-Shirts Available Now

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 22, 2008

Fashion clothing has a sense of humor in Hong Kong.


Fanban Edison Design has launched 3 new Edison Chen T-shirts for you to show off your love of the whole giant news giant that continues to rumble on in Hong Kong!

There are 2 other designs at their MySpace page here. No price yet but I think we’ll buy a dozen of each to share with friends.

And while we like to report what we hear on the whole Edison Chen Sex Scandal, (ECSS) we can’t bring ourselves to post the photos here or to follow the intimate small details. So thank Edison, that we have the Hollywood Grind blog (that has no doubt seen a massive surge in traffic from following this story) as they have a day-by-day play on what happened so far with all the photos and videos, so if you want them check them out here.

UPDATE MARCH 3: It seems the world is crazy for Edison Chen T-Shirts so this company has now set up a Hong Kong online store and one in the U.S. to fulfill the demand for the need for Edison Chen apparel to be worn across the ABC communities there. Finally a candidate for the rest of us.

Go here to find the links to the 2 stores. 


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