Diesel’s Rockin Wow Party

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 9, 2009

Diesel’s rockin party at W last Friday, December 2009.


Diesel’s Rockin Wow Party for Spring 2010 is determined to keep this season’s revival of the ‘0s tough rock theme alive. Picture lots of biker jackets, tight leather leggings and studs to keep everyone in gritty life in tough mood.  Personally, we cannot wait for that decade’s rock and roll trend to pass.

We say bring on the fun for Spring 2010 and we’re delighted to see some dots and pebble shades in this collection ready to lighten things up a little.


Party goers included: Daniel Wu, Cheung Tat-Ming, Vincent Kok, Rosemary Vandebroucke, Ren Ogata.


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