Create Your Own T-Shirts in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 8, 2007

Udesign lets you create your own designs in 20 minutes.


Looking for something truly original to wear this Summer? We sat down with UDesign’s founder Rick Chu to get the 411 on his custom design T-shirt business: Why did you start a DIY custom design T-shirt business in HK?

Rick Chu: Basically me and my partner wanted to make some party shirts but no one in town could help us make 1 or 2 shirts…instantly.

We started Udesign to offer a fun and friendly atmosphere for people to make something cool! I love promoting creativity and what better way to do it than through expressing yourself through a T-shirt!
To make a long story short, we found a way to make customized shirts within 7 to 20 minutes!

We have over 30 different variations of colour, sizes and types for all ages and animals (our animal T’s fit large cats or small dogs). All T’s are imported from Los Angeles under the American Apparel brand. I love our T’s from America because everything else in the world is made from China. After 100 washes, my American Apparel T just keeps getting better!


BB: Who is the typical person who buys custom design T-shirt?

Rick: There are two types of customers we serve right now. The party people, who are really creative, have a good sense of humor and love to make instant shirts for special occasions like birthdays, bachelor nights, gifts, etc. Then we have our Family crowd who want to dress up the kids and pets with their original and personal messages and design.


BB: How long does it take to custom design a T-shirt?

Rick: Customers can make T’s either through our customization page which can be sent to us via email or through calling us on the phone and describing exactly they want on their shirts. No matter what, we’ll need a layout of some sort before we can start on the shirt (so don’t come to our shop without any idea of what you want)
Upon confirmation of your layout, we take 7 minutes to make a slogan shirt and 20 minutes to make a graphic shirt.

This is my favorite story, one fellow came up to our shop and needed a shirt instantly as he wanted to use it to propose to his girlfriend! I made this shirt in 5 minutes!


BB: How much are one of these bad boys going to cost us?

Rick: Our pricing is simple, all adult T-shirts are HK$220 which includes a 5cm tall x 30cm wide stripe of material for your slogan. For baby T’s our shirts start at HK$170 which includes a 5cm tall x 15cm wide slogan. Additional HK$39 will be charged for each strip of material needed (measured in 5cm x 30cm sizes). We also charge an artwork fee of HK$150 for more complicated design or requests!

BB: Thanks Rick. Got something you want to say or a design you’ve been meaning to get off your chest, check out the UDesign website or head on down to their store this weekend in Causeway Bay.

Room J – 5th Floor Hennessy Apartments
48 Percival Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(MTR EXIT C – plus a 3 minute walk).


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