Chevignon Works Hard, Plays Hard

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 8, 2008

Early Fall 08 looks from French brand Chevignon.


Chevignon Hong Kong introduces the Workers after Work denim collection. To tie in with the “Work Hard Play Hard” theme, this new collection captures the “I’ve been working on an oil rig in the hot sun, and man do I look hot!” style.

Chevignon has mastered a denim pressing technique to make you look like you’ve been working hard without actually having to. For example: the crinkle effect is now more durable and the wash effect is more natural, both denim fabric and brown thread have been selected carefully and the darker fabric is reminiscent of rusty marks left behind after work, pervading a casual, but tough feeling.

The new Chevignon Workers after Work denim range comes is available for men and women. The cutting of the jeans is low-waisted and straight-legged.  One hottest item in this early Fall will be the 2-in-1 capri jeans with deep V-shaped suspenders in the women collection, this special piece is handy and easy to mix and match. The top can be worn as a waistcoat with a shirt with a large butterfly bow collar, while the bottom can be turned into a pair of capri jeans.


2 in 1 Deep V Capri Denim $995

Bufferfly Bow Collar Shirt $675

Denim Skirt $595

Chevignon Workers after Work denim range is available now at all Chevignon shops.


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