Calvin Klein’s Sexually Charged X Campaign

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 17, 2010

Putting the X in seXy with 4 hot endorsers.

Prepare to drool at the newest Calvin Klein Underwear ads featuring 4 of the world’s hottest men – American actors Kellan Lutz (of Twillight fame) and Mehcad Brooks (of True Blood fame), two international sports stars, Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco, and hunky Japanese soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata – in nothing but their tiny Calvin Klein briefs.

Shot by fashion photographer Mikael Jansson with digital films produced by Darius Khondji, the ads leave little to the imagination and shows the underwear in all their glory. It does bring back images of the sexy Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein ads featured some years ago. They’re bold,  totally in your face and dare we say bordering on crass.

For those of you not turned on by good looking boys making sexual come-ons, this clip might offend as its laced with profanity that are bleeped out by sound and an X that appears over their mouth. Typical of CK ads, it is highly provocative and sexually charged.

CK has employed the use of new technology using QR code so that, once a picture is taken of the code, the user is led to the brand’s mini-site to view the video.

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