American Apparel Comes to China

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 22, 2008

Controversial U.S. brand to open 4 stores in China – starting in Beijing!


It’s almost like a dare, isn’t it? American Apparel, after being delayed for months and missing Olympics face-time, is getting into China:

The retailer has chosen the world Trade Centre in Beijing, mainland China, to market its popular American produced clothing range into the challenging Chinese market. American Apparel’s Director of retail development and operations in Asia, Harry Parnass, remains enthusiastic, announcing that an expected four more shops are on the horizon for Shanghai, Chengdu and Suzhou and a second store in Beijing.

It is yet to be seen how American Apparel’s controversial advertisements and all American image will be integrated into China’s state controlled media and highly competitive market. Whilst American Apparel has found great success in the US and the UK in using its iconic adverts on the back of free magazines and in cool clubs, China is a different level altogether and a new marketing strategy will need to be put into place. What is clear is that American Apparel will not be transferring its production and manufacture to China, explaining that the company’s socially responsible ethos can be better controlled in the US.

If you know the brand or have seen their ads, which already push the envelope in the U.S. (but give it its street cred) we have no idea how/what/when their marketing strategy will be on the Mainland. One of AA’s main selling points is that all their stuff is made in the USA, so have a look at their online store here in US dollar’s and get ready for this type of irony to poke you this weekend.


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