Alexander McQueen’s Final Collection

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 15, 2010

The “infant terrible” leaves us with a beautiful final collection.

After Alexander McQueen’s sad and tragic demise a month ago, people can’t help but speculate what his final show would look like. There was talk it would be dark, much like his mood in his last days. The collection – originally staged to be shown to hundreds – turned out to be one of the house’s smallest as an intimate gathering of his loved ones, staff and only a handful of journalists.

There was nothing garish or crazy about this collection. Models came out looking like characters from a Renaissance story with dresses embroidered in gold featuring many religious figures and angels. The clothes ranged from brilliant reds to wispy greys with simple hairstyles in bandaged caps or mohawks.

The legend himself couldn’t have wanted a better farewell, his restraint and distinct flair represented perfectly. He, and his work, will be sorely missed.


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