5 Questions with John Ferdinand

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 27, 2008

A quick chat with founder & chief designer Mark Armstrong.


Stylish, sophisticated and created here in Hong Kong. John Ferdinand is a new accessories label that set-up in July of last year, and is setting out to become the world’s iconic lifestyle brand. We were able to squeeze some time out of co-founder and chief designer Mark Armstrong to spotlight his brand for you, and read to the end of the story to see how you can get a 30% discount on your order.

1. What is John Ferdinand?
John Ferdinand is a new contemporary accessories brand for the urban nomad. We started with jewelery mostly for men… but we’re finding women love our work too. We design in Hong Kong and everything is handmade in Bali. Our styling is a blend of urban and organic forms and materials.


2. What are your products made from?
We started by thinking about what materials we thought would be unusual. We drew lots of ideas and finally came up with the first collection which is sterling silver, inlaid with ebony.

The second collection is sterling silver inlaid with real snake skin. We really wanted to do something different and get away from the skulls and dagger stuff you see everywhere. We think people want something more beautiful and more organic in the styling.


3. Where can we buy your product?
We sell online at www.johnferdinand.com. The collection is also available at Saturn Essentials, 1/F, 51 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong. tel: 2537 9335

4. What are the price ranges?
Most pieces are around US$150-330. We also have some limited pieces which are only available through private sales.


5. What makes John Ferdinand stand out in Hong Kong?
We think Hong Kong customers should support independent design. So much of the fashion industry now is dominated by the big brands. We’re home grown, yet our quality and workmanship is way up there with the top brands… with a definitive style which you can’t find elsewhere.

Secondly, we’ve got superb sustainable packaging which is simply fantastic.. beautiful bamboo boxes.. so together, a great product, packaged well, with great design. We think that’s a pretty compelling offering.


So there you have it, a quick introduction to the John Ferdinand brand, so have a look for yourself at their website here or check out Saturn Essentials in Central:

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And now for the special promotion that John Ferdinand has offered to all Butterboom readers. You can enjoy a 30% discount on any purchase made at their website. Click here and when checking out, just use the coupon code BUTTER at the checkout page and you’ll get 30% off your order.

This offer is good only till July 31, 2008 and is valid for any product on their website.


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