Chaumet Josephine Floral Eclat Collection

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 23, 2016

For Summer 2016, Chaumet launches its Josephine Floral Eclat collection of precious and easy-to-wear jewellery using light and colour in a playful and graphic way. The collection is inspired by the historic Le Regent diamond, a diamond owned by the French state and on display in the Louvre. Chaumet has re-interpreted the cushion-cut diamond in its collection, featuring a delicate rounded version instead. In total, there are 10 pieces altogether in white gold and rose gold.

Our favourite is the Tiara rings, a tribute to Chaumet’s elegant Josephine collection, named after the wife of Napolean Bonaparte, Marie-Joseph Rose (who is also Chaumet’s first eminent customer in 1780). Set in white or pink gold with brilliant-cut diamonds, the ring is designed to resemble a tiara. This finger-sized proportion is true to Chaumet’s heritage as a tiara maker.



Chaumet Tiara Ring in Rose Gold, HK$63,000


The price:
Pieces start from HK$46,000.

Where to buy:
Available at Chalet boutiques. For details, visit our store directory.


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