To Covet: Mulberry’s Hetty

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 29, 2012

Mulberry’s new bag to covet.

Mulberry new line of handbags from the Fall collection is called the Hetty. The Hetty collection is designed as a classic simple tote with tubular handles, which are inspired by simple jewelry. An iconic Mulberry padlock detail is featured.

The Hetty Hobo, Small Hetty Hobo, Hetty Clipper and Hetty Foldable Clutch make up the whole Hetty family. Celebrating the trend of going day-to-night, with it’s top handle and foldable modern evening style, the Hetty Foldable Clutch the one to have in your handbag collection.  The Clipper is a minimalist twist on the Mulberry heritage luggage icon, perfect for a weekend getaway.

The Hetty comes in a timeless classic black soft matte leather and also ink blue silky snake shine, snowball white grainy patent and oak metallic snake suede for this new season.

How Much?

  1. Hetty Clipper in Snowball White Grainy Patent $10,500
  2. Hetty Clipper in Ink Blue Silky Snake Shine $11,750
  3. Hetty Shoulder Clutch in Ink Blue Silky Snake Shine Leather $9,550
  4. Hetty Shoulder Clutch in Oak Metallic Snake Suede $9550
  5. Hetty Hobo in Oak Metallic Snake Suede $13,750
  6. Small Hetty Hobo in Black Ostrich $41,500
  7. Small Hetty Hobo in Ink Blue Silky Snake Shine $11,750


By Nathalie Lun


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